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WebGL apps, experiments and code

  • GeomeTree

    Something I entered for the Christmas Experiment 2015 site but evidently, it wasn't high enough quality. I still like it though - Happy Holidays to everyone.

  • Celestial Bodies

    Another updated experiment - this time it's a new version of the Planet Compare app that allows you to compare the sizes of planets in our solar system. This updated and improved version lets you compare the sun, the planets and now, their major moons.

  • Storm Tracks WebGL Too

    An updated version of a previous experiment I made years ago to plot the tracks of storms. It now uses much more efficient technology to render everything and currently displays all 9,100+ storms and almost 250,000 track points for storms from 1850 up to the present day. 2015-11-06: Updated to include Cyclone Megh in Arabian Sea.

  • Buffer Geometry Selective Draw

    Three.js BufferGeometry is very fast but only one draw call so it's not possible to hide or show parts of it easily. This example illustrates a way to do that by setting an attribute on each vertex and culling them out as necessary in a shader. Feedback appreciated

  • Planet Compare

    Experiment to compare the relative sizes of planets in our solar system, including of course the new darling, Pluto. Updated to support the Sun and the Moon.

  • Geometry to BufferGeometry

    The THREE.Geometry classes are easy to use but slow and the THREE.BufferGeometry class is fast but hard to use. This experiment tries to get the best of both worlds by creating geometry the easy way and transforming it into the fast way. Works well on mobile too. Updated to support multiple geometry types

  • ISS Photo Explorer

    My entry for the 2015 NASA Space Apps Challenge. Provides a way to view and explore the almost 1.8 million photos taken from the International Space Station over 15 years and 44 missions. Updated to include all of Mission 43's 173,544 photos and the 9,388 current ones from Mission 44

  • Flight Stream

    Experiment to visualize all of the worlds flights. Not displayed in real time or on a correct schedule although that might be nice for version 2.

  • Country Selector

    Second attempt at extruded earth visualization I'm working on for a bigger project.

  • amui - Add Manipulator UI

    Experiment to let you add manipulator UI (via dat.GUI) to modify objects in a three.js scene on any page via a bookmarklet.

  • Street Cloud Flow

    The next iteration of Street Cloud. This version generates multiple views based on a starting location. Lots left to do but makes quite beautiful images. See Help dialog for more details.

  • Double Pendulum

    Inspired by fascinating illustration of double pendulum physics in ~100 lines of JavaScript, I made a WebGL version using one of the three.js examples as a starting point.

  • Three.js Interactive App Template Generator

    Generate a template three.js application using interactive controls and use it as the starting point for your next masterpiece. Select options, features and code then save it off as a zip file. Updated (2014-06-27): Now you can send it to a JS Fiddle and include helper geometry objects.

  • Street Cloud Interactive

    An experiment to render Google Street View ® scenes as 3D point clouds using the LiDAR data captured along with the regular panorama images. A rudimentary navigation system allows you to move between connected locations. Updated (2014-07-09) Change in internals of StreetView API broke it for a while :(:

  • WebGL Terrain

    Noticed a really neat page that describes how to make a terrain generator in 130 lines of JavaScript. Thought it would be interesting to make an interactive WebGL version.

  • Storm Tracks WebGL

    Interactive map of hurricanes, typhoons, cyclones and tropical storm tracks from 1848 to 2013 including Super Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda.

  • Three.JS App Template

    Simple Python script to generate a template Three.js app that you can use as a starting point for your next masterpiece.

  • Extruded Earth

    Experimenting with data visualization by extruding world countries based on a metric.

  • Connected Planet

    Lat/long connected spline based arcs over planet Earth with logo, tweening and UI.

  • Pixi.js Test

    Experimenting by mixing up bits of Pixi.js demos. Click to jump.

  • Globe Manipulator

    Manipulate a globe and go to or pick, lat/long coordinates.

  • Fur Ball

    Testing buffer geometry with 100,000 lines - next, make it move with a shader.

  • Sphere/Ray Intersection

    Testing sphere and ray intersection code.

  • Pick Point From Model

    More complex intersection test against a 3D model

  • Shader Spline

    Animated shader on spline.

  • Spline Planet

    Red planet with extruded circle splines plus animated shader and collinear icons.

  • Delaunay Triangulation

    I wanted to subdivide country outlines into triangles and thought Delaunay triangulation was the right answer but it's not.

  • Concept Widget

    Experimental canvas based UI widget with lovely people at Concept Arts.

  • Squares On A Sphere

    Testing how to render collinear squares on a sphere.

  • CTM Loader Test

    Test loading model from CTM file and apply environment map.

  • Collada Duck

    Load a model of a duck from a Collada file.

Other stuff

  • Wizard of Speed, Time and Distance

    Discover how many minutes speeding really buys you.

  • Second Life

    My day job at Linden Lab since 2004

  • LLQtWebKit

    Open source project from 2005 that renders web content to a texture.

  • UBrowser

    Open source project from 2006 that displays a 3D web browser.

Recent updates

    ● 2015-12-11: Added new experiment - GeomeTree

    ● 2015-10-22: Added new experiment - Celestial Bodies

    ● 2015-10-22: Updated Storm Tracks WebGL Too to include Hurricane Patricia.

    ● 2015-10-11: Added new experiment - Storm Tracks WebGL Too

    ● 2015-10-10: Added new example - Buffer Geometry Selective Draw

    ● 2015-07-25: Added new experiment - Planet Compare

    ● 2015-07-11: Updates ISS Photo Explorer with Missions 43 & 44

    ● 2015-05-17: Added Geometry to BufferGeometry experiment

    ● 2015-04-12: Added ISS Photo Explorer

    ● 2015-03-14: Added Country Selector

    ● 2015-02-16: Added Flight Stream app

    ● 2015-01-28: Updated ISS Photo Viewer app to more generic mouse wheel code

    ● 2015-01-10: Moved to GitHub and added links to souce

    ● 2014-11-20: Added ISS Photo Viewer app


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