An experiment to render Google Street View ® scenes as 3D point clouds using the LiDAR data captured along with the regular panorama images. A rudimentary navigation system allows you to move between connected locations.


Mouse plus left button to rotate around a scene. Mouse plus right button to pan. Mouse wheel to zoom in and out. Click arrows to move to adjacent scene More options in the UI

Future Plans

Render multiple views from a single start location and create a much large space to explore. Calculate a collision mesh and let you explore via a first person navigation interface. Convert the point data to a single mesh and render in higher quality. Improve the navigation arrow visuals. Improve the visual transition from one location to another. Combine this 3D view with regular Street View and facilitate 3D picking.


Contact me: here
Data: Google Street View ® (this app not affiliated with or endorsed by Google)
Inspired by: Point Cloud City
APIs: three.js GSVPanoDepth GSVPano Einar's math code
Street Cloud Interactive
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